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Join us to embark on a transformative journey aimed at fostering emotional well-being and building resilience against toxic relationships in our 6 week group coaching series

NEXT GROUP: March 5th- April 9th (Tuesdays at 7pm EST)

F*ck Boy FREE!

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Coaching Series: "F*ck Boy FREE!"


During this coaching series, you will embark on a transformative journey aimed at fostering emotional well-being and building resilience against toxic relationships. Our dedicated team of experienced mental health professionals and relationship experts will guide you through a range of topics and practical strategies to help you break free from the patterns of toxic behavior and establish healthier, fulfilling connections.

For half the price of therapy at just $60 a week, you can expect the following key benefits:


  • Gain insights into identifying toxic relationship patterns and recognizing red flags.

  • Develop effective communication skills to set boundaries and express your needs.

  • Explore strategies for boosting self-esteem and self-worth.

  • Learn how to establish healthy relationship dynamics based on mutual respect and support

  • Acquire practical tools to navigate challenging emotions and rebuild trust.

  • Cultivate resilience and develop a strong sense of self to avoid falling into similar patterns in the future.


We are confident that this group coaching series will provide you with valuable knowledge, guidance, community and support as you work towards creating a life free from unhealthy relationships.

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Ley Pointer

Ley Pointer


Ashley “Ley” Pointer is the Founder and Lead Therapist at Infinity Noire! She is an award winning licensed psychotherapist who specializes in Black Mental Health. Her therapy specializations include but are not limited to LGBTQ, trauma, sex therapy, self esteem, depression, anxiety, life transitions and identity development. Ley is a DMV native who holds two Bachelors degrees from Texas Southern University, a Masters in Forensic Psychology, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her electrifying energy, refreshing presence of authenticity, and passion for people make her more than just a therapist, but a catalyst for life changing transformation! 

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